During this unprecedented time, we're thrilled to offer options for getting your favorites for home! You don't need to miss out on the soothing and anti-oxidant effects of a warm cup of tea or the enhanced flavors produced when adding oils & vinegars to your family dinner.

Did you know we also have Gift Certificates?!

So you ask, how does this work exactly?! Just fill in the form below, press submit and once we have calculated your total we'll send you a paypal invoice to the email you entered on this form. We will then gather your order, you'll pay for it and get ready to receive your items! If you chose car side pick up, head our way at the arranged pick up time. It will be shipped out, if you chose shipping, or it will be picked up by Curbwise for Delivery on the next Thursday if you choose Curbwise.

What is Curbwise?

Delivery. Cranked out. Curbwise LLC is a people-powered bicycle delivery service which we are partnering with to bring Diversi-Tea to your doorstep. Click here to learn more and see if you're in the delivery area!

Shipping fees - are passed on to you, with no other added fees or charges and will be added onto your invoice.
Curbwise Delivery - is $6 per order, and will be added onto your invoice.
Curbside Pickup - has no fees, we just charge a smile and a wave.

Please give us a call or include a note below if you have any questions!

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Gift Certificate Policies can be found here